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Strengthening body and mind.
Kids learn to get fit, use leisure time well, reduce stress, appreciate the environment and develop their social skills.
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    Boys & Girls Clubs of America's tested and proven programs address today's most pressing youth issues.

    Young people learn the skills they need to succeed in life—what's more important than that?
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Standard Programs

Daily Instruction*

Club members learn rules and basic skills for table games like Pool and Ping Pong. Daily instruction teaches them how to use game equipment, practice good etiquette and develop sound playing habits.

Games Room School

Members learn the skills they need for fun and success in the Games Room

Pool School

Pool School helps kids grasp the rules and fundamentals of pool, and teaches them game strategies.

Board Game Mania

Club Members learn rules and tactics for popular games like Connect 4, Life, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Mancala and Pictionary.

Sports Leagues*

Members learn new sports and participate on teams that compete in Club and city leagues.

Lifetime Fitness Hour*

Working out is fast and fun during the Lifetime Fitness Hour, a program created to help kids get fit and healthy. Pre– and post-physicals monitor participants throughout the quarter. Jumping rope, kickball and basketball are a few of the workout themes used to help make fitness fun.

Triple Play*

Part of a national Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) program, Triple Play teaches members of all ages about diet, health and exercise. Members learn the importance of healthy food choices and being active every day.

* Provided quarterly at every club.


Chess Club

Kids learn basketball skills and play on organized teams and in leagues.

RBI (Reviving Baseball in the Inner City)



New games and activities help club members stay healthy and active.

Standard Practices in the
Gym & Games Room

Social Skills Individual Guidance

Staff members get to know Club members and the issues they each face. Individual meetings and group talks build trust and give kids contact with a loving adult they can depend on and talk to daily.

Sports Skills Individual Guidance

Sports Directors coach youth and help them develop skills based on their individual needs. Staff members challenge kids according to their own abilities.

Sports & Rec
Special Events

Sports team tournaments and games 

Dances, lock-ins, roller-skating, bowling, trips to the mall, movies, athletic events 

Camp Voyageur field trips or overnights

  • Ongoing Initiatives.

    Ongoing Initiatives The It Just Takes One Campaign
    You can change the lives of youth in the Twin Cities.
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