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Educational Programs

Academic Enrichment*

Students get homework help through an intense two- to three-hour after school program. Members read by themselves, to other children, listen to a mentor read, or read to a mentor for 20 minutes. Completed work earns participants points they can redeem every Friday in the Power Hour Store.

Career Launch*

Members set long-term career goals and learn about different careers options. They work individually or in groups to build job-search skills and job readiness. College is demystified as youth learn how to choose a college, apply, get accepted and enroll.

Club Tech*

Kids get access to technology resources to help them expand creativity, perform better in school and prepare for the workplace. Programs include Computer Basics, Skill Tech I & II, Digital Arts Suite, Netsmartz, Claymation, Technical Training and

College Prep/Goals for Graduation/Scholarship Services

As early as ninth grade, kids learn how important grades are for getting into college. They set goals for the school year and throughout high school. College tours, guest speakers and access to various scholarships round out the program.

Goals for Growth *

It’s never too early to start setting personal, educational and career goals. Goals for Growth teaches young people skills for setting their own life goals, and achieving them.

Job Ready*

Teens get coaching on how to find and maintain employment. They learn how to write resumes and fill out job applications, and they take part in mock interviews with professionals.

Money Matters

Teens learn fiscal responsibility and how to manage money.

* Provided quarterly at every club.

Educational Activities

Educational Activities

Trivia, math, science, English and more are thoughtfully woven into Club activities. The goal is to combine fun and learning at every opportunity.

Current Events

Members learn about the days events through newspapers, the Internet and other appropriate media.

Study Skills

Teens are mentored on effective ways to manage time, organize school work and be more productive both at school and with free time.

Trivia Challenge

Through quizzes and fun brain teasers, kids learn to think and work in groups. Trivia games change daily to keep them fresh and interesting.

Writing Contests

Entering writing contests helps kids improve writing skills, get national and regional recognition, and increase their chances for scholarship and cash awards. Kids explore genres like poetry, essays, biographies and short stories. Staff members guide them in researching contests and editing their submissions.

Educational Programs

Club Newsletter

Members talk about what’s going on around the Club, and decide what warrants recognition in a monthly newsletter. They work on computers to publish the news through highlighted stories, interviews, surveys and more.

Creative Writing

Members of all ages get the chance to express their creativity through writing.

Ed. Crew

Kids in the education center take on leadership roles and new responsibilities. Ed. Crew leaders help the Education Director with program tasks and meet with other members to discuss current issues, problems, recognition and praise.

Jr. Staff Program

Teens assist staff with programs, and might even run programs themselves. They contribute to Club atmosphere and learn the importance of communication, job skills and how to manage work, friends and school.

Language Clubs

In addition to exploring world languages, members learn about the etiquette and customs of different cultures.

Reading Club

By reading together and independently Club members discover the joy of reading as a leisure activity. Through follow-up activities they discuss why people write, and they get opportunities to create and write their own stories.

Science Immersion

Eruptions, dolphins, and secrets of the gulf are just a few topics covered that immerse kids in science, math and literacy. Members use technology to do research and explore the world’s natural resources.

Skill Tech

Members get to know computers inside and out through online tutorials and programs. Members can track their progress on their own or with staff.

Spelling Bees

As kids compete to be spelling champions, they also learn to give their best and to respect others through listening and sportsmanship.


Notable guests read to small groups of 6- to 12-year-old members.

Teen Entrepreneurship

The dream of starting a business becomes more real as youth gain knowledge about negotiating, calculating return on investment, performing cost/benefit analysis and tracking income and expenses.

Youth for Unity

Members learn to break down barriers and become leaders with open minds and caring hearts. The program stresses tolerance and inclusion in all aspects of life.

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