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As I watch the snow falling, gently landing on the ground, a feeling of peacefulness transforms me. In our fast moving, busy world, the holidays are a time for positive reflection and thankfulness. I am truly moved by how many people have donated their time, talents, and made contributions to the Kids Can Give sale. You have made the holidays an incredible experience for all of our Club kids.  


The outpouring of financial support for the Clubs has been so wonderful. I am so grateful to live in a community with such generous people that care about making a difference for kids.  Your donations are helping create a better future for kids each  

day, at every Club.


From decorating the Clubs, making holiday dinners, and hosting holiday stores, we have been busy. Volunteers have helped us ensure that each event, each meal, and even each ornament is handled just right. Thank you for helping the Clubs during a wonderful, very high energy time of year.


The Kids Can Give holiday sales are a huge success. The generosity of so many people in this community has ensured that more than a thousand kids will bring home wrapped gifts to share with family members. At a local Club, a young boy's eyes lit up as he entered the multi-purpose room that had been transformed into a holiday store. His eyes scanned the tables filled with toys and gifts. The volunteer asked Desmond who he was shopping for and with a huge smile on his face he stated, "I am going to get a present for my mom. She lost her job and we don't have any money for Christmas gifts". The volunteer took Desmond by the hand and helped him pick a very special gift for his mom.   He picked a beautiful necklace for her and with that "bigger than life smile", gave the volunteer a hug as he left the Kids Can Sale with a bag of wrapped gifts for his family.


Your support helps us celebrate the true meaning of the holiday season, invoking pride and the spirit of giving in the hearts of metro-area children and their families. We are so fortunate to live in such a giving community.


Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!


Erin Carlin


On October 29, 2011, a crescent moon illuminated just above the bright lights of the Target Field scoreboard welcoming guests to    the Twin Cities Treasures Benefit. Target Field opened its doors for     a one-night only, multi-media exhibition that celebrated the Boys & Girls Club organization as a unique and thriving treasure in the Twin Cities community.

The evening honored Susan and Cliff Lake as long-time Boys & Girls Club supporters and advocates for keeping performing arts alive  and well at each Club location. Since 1984, Susan and Cliff  have  dedicated time, great energy, and financial support to ensure that Club youth have a place to grow, learn, have fun, and of course perform.


The 2011 Twin Cities Treasures were chosen in honor of the Lakes commitment to the arts.   Each individual and organization generously donated their time and creative talents to bring this year's event to life. This extraordinary group of 2011 Treasures includes: American Guitar & Band; Brandon Werth; Chelsey Paul; Captures Studios; Carmichael Lynch; Dakota Jazz Club &    Restaurant; Jake Rudh; Mike Pomeranz; Permanent Art & Design Group;  Playatta Video Playgrounds; Stephanie Lake Design;    and Sue Zelickson.


In six short months, the 2011 Twin Cities Treasures Benefit Committee under the leadership of Al and Kathy Lenzmeier,  planned and implemented a new fundraising strategy that engaged more than six-hundred people to attend a six-hour event, raising six-figures for the Clubs. What an amazing journey!


Attendees were swept into a wondrous evening filled with entertainment, great food, and the chance to support a great cause! Party on the Moon entertained and kept guests on the dance floor well past midnight. Working together, we raised $480,000* that will support building a strong foundation for kids today and into the future.

*Un-audited financials as of November 28, 2011. 




Today it is more important than ever to give our kids a strong foundation for the future. The integration of high-yield learning activities with real life experiences help kids realize their own potential.  


In the spring of 2011, a volunteer crew lead by Comcast employees planted a multitude of vegetable plants as part of the Good Food Garden project. Comcast, Food Network and Scripps Network, and Teich Gardens built and donated a 12 x 20 ft. enclosed garden on the grounds of the East Side Club. "The mission and programs of the Boys & Girls Club organization is key to the stability and health of our communities," said Mary Beth Schubert, Comcast's vice president of corporate affairs. "We know budgets are tight for nonprofits. Our projects are well planned and fully staffed with volunteers who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. "


All summer long, Club members continued to care for the garden. They have learned about gardening and cooking with healthy foods through a curriculum based program donated by the Good Foods Garden project partners, Comcast, Food Network and Scripps Network, and Teich Gardens.

Kids Feeding Kids has incorporated the Good Food Garden into the weekly program schedule. Club youth have learned how to plant and care for a garden and also how to harvest vegetables when they are ready. This project enables staff to go beyond just telling the kids about eating healthy and actually showing how you can live healthy right in your own back yard.

The East Side Club is teaching our kids new skills that they will have for a life-time. Great futures do start at the Club!



 While adults debate the politics of healthcare in Washington, Club youth got down to business and offered insight and perspective on many aspects of the new system at a debate sponsored by Rasmussen College. On Saturday, November 12th, 2011, the Eastside and Olson Clubs had the opportunity to take part in breakfast and a small student informative debate on Universal Health Care.  The topic was presented by four Rasmussen students and featured an interactive session with Club members.  


At the end of the debate, Club members concluded that there are still ways to get free or low cost medical care without implementing a new system. The new Boys & Girls Club Formula for Impact stresses three priority outcomes: 1) Academic Success 2) Healthy Lifestyles and 3) Good Character & Citizenship.Establishing partnerships and providing youth with an opportunity to express an opinion and debate key issues goes a long way in ensuring Club kids are fully engaged as citizens. This program, as with so many other youth initiatives teaches Club youth that knowledge is power and they have a choice in formulating their future.


This exciting partnership continues into 2012 with East Side and Olson Club youth attending another debate function in April and also the chance to participate in "Taste of College" experiences at the Rasmussen School. Future topic sessions include: collegiate schedules; financial aid; study techniques; career exploration; and college life.





On December 19, 20011, representatives from Coca-Cola and the Minnesota Wild joined 100 kids at the Al Lenzmeier West Side Branch of the Boys & Girls Club for a polar-bear themed Holiday Party and formal presentation of a brand new Floor Hockey set. Coca-Cola and the Wild also presented a check for $2,925.30 on behalf of Minnesota Wild Fans as a result of a rally-towel fundraiser held last week. St. Paul City Councilman Dave Thune attended the event, along with Nordy, the Minnesota Wild's mascot.


"We're really happy Coca-Cola and the Wild are here volunteering today. We're so grateful for the donation and the floor hockey set," said John Hardeman, Branch Director of the Al Lenzmeier West Side Boys & Girls Club.


Last Wednesday, Coca-Cola and the Wild sold rally towels during the game to promote Coca-Cola's Arctic Home program and generated donations for the Boys & Girls Club. In order to receive a towel, fans were asked to donate $1 to the Boys & Girls Club. Today, all the proceeds were donated to the Al Lenzmeier West Side Branch of the Boys & Girls Club to be used to support health and wellness activities.


"It's a great honor for us to work with other organizations, such as the Minnesota Wild, to make a difference for kids at the St. Paul West Side Boys & Girls Club," said Dan Kueppers, Sales Director at Coca-Cola Refreshments. "As a Company that is committed to health and well-being, this donation, and the contribution of the floor hockey set from the Wild, will ensure these children have many opportunities to run and play."


And run and play they did! Nordy did his best Niklaus Backstrom impersonation in goal as Lenzmeier Club youth practiced slap shot after slap shot on him. Darting around cones displaying their puck handling skills, the kids didn't show any hesitation in throwing sharp fire at the net. The kids showed that hockey is indeed in their Minnesota blood as they put all of their practice to the test in a floor hockey game at the end of the night.


lenzmeier holiday 2011



The Jerry Gamble Club has a true holiday feel, thanks to the artistic talents of Stephanie Lake, Susan Lake and Kathy Lenzmeier. On December 5th, a new Christmas tradition was started with the sharing of talents and artistic expression between very giving adults and many, many Club youth. From colorful flowers, to ribbons, bows, and other beautiful objects donated by Neiman Marcus, the Jerry Gamble Club transformed into a holiday wonderland. Watch for upcoming Art Council projects and events!


 View more pictures on Facebook (Click here)   


The Clubs were asked once again this year to be the nonprofit partner in decorating the Minnesota State Capitol Tree. This year's theme was apples and provided many educational and creative ways for club kids to highlight the very familiar fruit this holiday season. Kids fired up Club ovens and dried apples for ornaments and garlands, created wonderful paper -mache apples doused with glitter and made apple ornaments with hand drawn Christmas scenes. Many thanks to Stephanie Lake, Susan Lake and Chelsey Paul for helping kids create unique and beautiful ornaments with the kids!


 View more pictures on Facebook (Click here)  


In 2011, hundreds of generous supporters volunteered personal time to help make the holidays special for Club youth. Volunteers looked for new way to make a difference this holiday season. Many donated gifts to a very special program that invokes pride and the true spirit of giving in the hearts of metro-area children and their families. New Horizon Academy is a true champion for the annual Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities "Kids Can Give" holiday gift drive and sale.


The Boys & Girls Club works very hard to instill the value of giving back with all its members.  Each December, Club members are asked to give a very small $3-$5 donation that supports a youth-driven celebration at each Club.  In return each Club member shops for family gifts in the Kids Can Give stores set up in the Clubs.  It is an incredible experience for all involved to see the excitement in kids as they walk, talk and shop for special gifts for each member of their family.  Gifts are wrapped on site and sent home with the kids just in time for the holidays.


Thank you to all the 2011 Kids Can Give donors and volunteers. You have given kids the chance to celebrate the true spirit of the holiday season.

Jumping Kids